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Impact Sourcing Philippines

Pioneering Impact Sourcing in Philippines

Digisource, Inc. – Pioneering Impact Sourcing In The Philippines

Digisource is a not-for-profit organization set up by professionals from the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Information Technology (IT) industry in the Philippines. It aims to provide regular employment opportunities for the underprivileged and to provide income opportunities to social entrepreneurs, particularly in the rural and depressed areas.

The Organization will do this by:

  1.  Implementing Impact Sourcing through which it will seek for non-voice business process outsourcing projects both from the domestic and international markets, which it can assign to qualified service partners who will employ the underprivileged (Out-Of-School-Youth and Differently-Abled Persons);
  2. Implementing Training Programs for rural area entrepreneurs who will operate an accredited Service Delivery Center (SDC). The SDCs will deliver the projects assigned to them which will fulfilled by the underprivileged and underemployed in their localities;
  3. Hiring and Training talents from the underprivileged sector (those who cannot be hired by traditional outsourcing companies) through a well-governed training and project management program.

As a Non-Profit Organization, Digisource will be governed by selected key individuals from different industries and sectors of society who will help maintain its ideals of providing employment to the underprivileged, to keep it non-aligned to any political movement, religious groups or business interests. The Organization will also be non-partisan and non-denominational so that it will be able to serve and reach the general population who are unemployed but are otherwise trainable and employable.

¬†The Organization’s Functions and Services

As a non-profit corporation, the Organization will provide the following services and/or perform the following functions:

  1.  Conduct business development activities to secure commercial projects for and in behalf of the SDCs. The business development activities will target both domestic and international clients;
  2. Conduct training for potential SDC partners (business owners) so that they will be able to operate based on the Organization’s approved standards for project management, service delivery, financial and talent management;
  3. Conduct training for potential SDC employees (the main beneficiaries of the program) so that they will be fully equipped to perform the tasks and complete the projects assigned to their designated SDCs. Implementation of the training will be done in partnership with key government agencies (TESDA and DOLE) and private organizations. The trainings will be conducted in key regional cities (Davao City, Cebu City and Metro Manila). After the training, the qualified employees will be sent back to their home towns to be employed by the SDCs;
  4. Conduct training and provide assistance to SDCs in the recruitment and retention of talents from their localities;
  5. Promote the Organization’s programs to potential partners (funders and lenders) who can donate for its operational sustainability and/or to provide financing to new/existing SDCs. These partners will come from different government agencies and private institutions across multiple industries.

Digisource proudly uses Teamlab Office:

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